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@Road, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARDI) is a leading global provider of solutions designed to automate the management of mobile resources and to optimize the service delivery process for customers across a variety of industries. By providing real-time Mobile Resource Management (MRM) infrastructure integrating wireless communications, location-based services, mobile software applications, transaction processing and the Internet, @Road solutions provide a secure, scalable, upgradeable, enterprise-class platform, offered in hosted, on-premise or hybrid environments that seamlessly connect mobile workers in the field to real-time corporate data on-demand.

@Road offers the three essential elements of effective MRM—Field Force Management, Field Service Management and Field Asset Management—to help companies increase the efficiency of their mobile workforce, reduce risks, improve customer service and decrease operational costs.

@Road MRM solutions provide traditional fleet tracking, fleet management and dispatch software tools along with advanced capabilities for businesses to achieve the following:

  • view mobile workforce activities in real time (mobile workforce management, or fleet management)
  • report on activity patterns over time (mobile workforce management, or fleet management)
  • improve efficiency of routing and dispatching (mobile workforce management, or fleet management)
  • enable efficient mobile workforce communication (mobile productivity solutions)
  • better meet customer-desired field service delivery windows (field service management and dynamic scheduling)
  • deliver on Service Level Agreements (field service management)
  • maximize fuel savings (fleet management and field asset management)
  • streamline the management of vehicle maintenance (fleet management and field asset management)
  • improve productivity through mobile access to office-based computer applications (mobile productivity solutions)

We offer both individual and bundled solutions for a variety of industries, including transportation, distribution, telecommunications, cable, utilities, facilities, public works, construction and field services.

A growing subscriber base is evidence that @Road enables customers to achieve a rapid return on investment by continually improving workforce effectiveness, increasing customer satisfaction and retention, and reducing operational costs.

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