Field Asset Management (FAM):

Improve Management of Mobile Workers’ Assets to Reduce Costs

Any business with vehicles or other assets in the field faces numerous challenges in protecting, maintaining and managing the cost of those assets. As examples:

  • Vehicle maintenance must be continually managed to keep fuel costs and breakdown risks low
  • Engine speed, oil pressure and coolant temperature should be constantly monitored to help prevent safety hazards or expensive repairs
  • For transportation and distribution industries, cargo temperatures must be monitored to prevent spoilage of goods

Through features and add-ons to @Road GeoManager iLM and @Road Pathway iLM—including Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Diagnostics and Sensor Solutions—@Road provides fleet tracking and fleet management tools that help customers address the above challenges. Whether a company wants to determine when vehicles are due for service, track inventory in remote vehicles, or receive alerts when a mobile asset is having engine trouble, @Road Field Asset Management solutions can help minimize costs, maximize warranties and improve safety.


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