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Vehicle Diagnostics

Field asset managers today need to run their operations with optimum efficiency, especially in the face of mission-critical challenges such as high fuel and operations costs, recurring repairs, frequent vehicle downtime and overpaying state fuel tax because of the inability to capture accurate mileage.

@Road Vehicle Diagnostics helps address these challenges by retrieving critical engine information from the vehicle's electronic control module and transmitting this data through the @Road iLM. Managers can use this information to remotely monitor important engine parameters for proactive intervention and prevention of downtime. Critical data on engine faults such as low oil pressure, very high coolant temperature and sustained excessive engine speed can be derived from Trip Detail Reports or Trip Summary Reports, which are provided either in a daily summary or in real time according to customized exceptions.

Benefits include:

  • Optimized vehicle use
  • Proactive preventive maintenance
  • Reduced fuel, maintenance and repair costs
  • Decreased vehicle and driver downtime
  • Increased and improved customer service
  • Potentially reduced insurance costs
  • Maximized vehicle warranty
  • Reduced fuel taxes through accurate recording of work versus personal fuel consumption using company vehicles

There are two Vehicle Diagnostics modules available to @Road GeoManager customers, named according to industry-developed standards for monitoring parts of the chassis, body and accessory devices as well as the diagnostic control network of the vehicle:

For heavy vehicles: @Road J1708 Vehicle Diagnostics
For light-duty (Class 1 to Class 5) vehicles: @Road OBDII Vehicle Diagnostics


@Road OBDII Datasheet (pdf)


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