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Field Service Reports

Field service operations require a high level of visibility into the location and activities of their mobile workforce to meet service goals, improve the effectiveness of their remote workers and increase asset utilization. @Road Field Service Reports, available as an add-on to @Road GeoManager iLM, gives organizations the power to quickly accomplish these goals.

Field Service Reports collect, monitor and report on events and conditions in the field, providing location-based, time-sensitive information that measures actual productivity against planned objectives. A set of 18 reports enable field service managers to do the following:

  • Identify when workers leave their starting point, such as a work yard or terminal
  • Compare scheduled arrivals and departures with actual arrival and departure times . Reduce non-billable time at the end of the day
  • Measure the amount of time mobile workers spend at each work center and the number of stops made at each location
  • Optimize schedules and minimize time at work centers

In addition, Field Service Reports provide the ability for organizations to run activity, inactivity and stops reports. All reports may be generated on-demand from any Internet-connected PC, or scheduled for periodic delivery via e-mail as an HTML or PDF file.


@Road Field Services Reports Datasheet (pdf)

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