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Mobile Resource Management (MRM) refers to a category of business solutions designed to maximize the productivity of mobile workforces.

The most effective MRM solutions combine Internet services with applications that leverage on-demand GPS, dispatch software, wireless capabilities, fleet management tools and transaction processes to help companies reduce operating costs and raise the quality of customer experience.

@Road, Inc. is a leading global provider of such comprehensive MRM solutions. The @Road mission is to deliver effective ways for companies in a wide variety of industries to better manage mobile workers, service scheduling, and the vehicles or assets used in the field, with the result of reduced costs, better customer service and rapid return on investment.


An End-to-End MRM Solution

@Road offers the three essential elements of effective MRM—Field Force Management, Field Service Management and Field Asset Management—to help companies increase the efficiency of their mobile workforce, reduce risks, improve customer service and decrease operational costs.

What analysts are saying about MRM:

  • “Enterprises are examining how mobile data initiatives can generate revenue or lower costs. Thus, MRM is increasingly on the radar screen for a wide variety of industries.” (Frost & Sullivan MRM Report, January 2004)
  • “By 2010, there will be an estimated 17 million MRM subscribers with more than $2.5 billion in revenue.” (Frost & Sullivan MRM Report, January 2004)
  • “With a host of sophisticated applications set to leverage improving network technologies and advanced mobile terminals, the essential ingredients for successful MRM solutions are in place.” (Frost & Sullivan MRM Report, January 2004)



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