Features and Options


With @Road Messaging capabilities, you can enable office-based dispatchers, other managers and drivers out in the field to write, send and receive text messages.

@Road Forms are pre-formatted messages with much of the text preset, and with the option to set predefined fields and values for rapid standard responses. Once set up, a form will automatically download to the in-vehicle @Road iDT (Internet Data Terminal) and drivers can electronically enter data into the form electronically.

The @Road Messaging/Forms feature enables your mobile workforce and office-based managers to:

  • Improve two-way communication between managers and mobile workers
  • Access field information in text form
  • Improve accuracy and retention of critical field information
  • Reduce paperwork for mobile workers
  • Save on office transcription of field information
  • Design and deploy customized electronic forms to meet your specific data collection needs
  • Automatically obtain date and time stamp on information gathered

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