Features and Options

Satellite Modem

When your mobile resources are on the road, it is critical for you to be able to locate them 24x7. The @Road Satellite Modem, developed by EMS Technologies and offered as an add-on to @Road GeoManager SM, is an advanced monitoring device that complements wireless coverage. It offers dual mode wireless capability using L-band satellite technology to transmit data even when there is no wireless coverage. This innovative technology is a must-have for companies that are looking to maximize their fleet performance and attain better metrics, for higher productivity and better ROI.


Key value propositions:

  • Ubiquitous coverage guarantees real-time communication with your mobile workforce
  • Automatic switching between wireless and satellite network results in the most cost-effective coverage
  • Real-time location capture and bread-crumb trails provide for maximum fleet performance and management
  • Fast data transmission (10 second latency) speeds time from iLM to @Road servers
  • MSV MSAT Network provides vast coverage and range (includes North and Central America, extending up to 250 miles off the coast)

@Road Satellite Modem Datasheet (pdf)

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