iLM 3100-W Series

The @Road iLM® 3100-W Series (Internet Location Manager–Wi-Fi) in-vehicle hardware system adds 802.11 Wi-Fi access-point capability to @Road GeoManager. This enables the field worker to use a Wi-Fi equipped mobile computer or hand-held device to instantly access corporate applications through the iLM's wireless data connection.

Using the @Road iLM 3100-W Series, field technicians can receive updated information from their company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system prior to a customer visit, or access the company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to place a customer order. Advanced built-in security capabilities help keep your corporate data secure while providing a flexible wide-area network access through integrated Wi-Fi capabilities that incorporate security and firewall protocols to enable policy-based routing and access control. The Wi-Fi connection also enables remote workers to easily update ordering and inventory records, or complete other necessary documentation, without having to return to the office.


Enable High-Speed, Cost-Effective Connectivity

The @Road iLM 3100-W Series incorporates high-speed EvDO or EDGE wireless data communications, thereby minimizing data upload and download times. With this capability, field workers' mobile computers need only have built-in Wi-Fi capability–not extra-cost wireless data setups–since Wi-Fi links them to the iLM's wireless data connection. The @Road units are designed to be field-upgradeable as even faster wireless data technologies continue to emerge over time.


iLM 3100-W Series Datasheet (pdf)

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