Taskforce FAQ

Q: What makes Taskforce different from other scheduling products?

A: Taskforce is not simply a scheduling or dispatch software product—it automates 95% of forecasting, coordinating, scheduling and resource synchronization tasks for organizations of any size that want to improve customer service and maintain a competitive advantage.

Service deployment is a complex challenge. To deliver a high quality of experience to customers, companies must not only consider availability of field service workers, supplies and vehicles needed for each specific task, but must factor in current weather and travel conditions, contract jeopardy issues, emergencies and customer availability. Simple scheduling or dispatch software cannot manage this complexity in real time, but Taskforce can.

Taskforce uses real time data from the field to monitor and intelligently update resource deployment throughout the day. Using advanced algorithms, Taskforce automatically re-calculates priorities based on both importance and nearness to the time committed to the customer. Its automated high-priority function allows for instant dispatch to the most suitable resource in the field. Taskforce not only enables users to deliver a better service to their customers but it produces a proven and substantial return on investment.

Q: Can Taskforce handle multiple mobile workforces currently working independently of each other?

A: Yes. Taskforce isdesigned to synchronize and deploy resources from many resource pools simultaneously. It comfortably accommodates the complexities of an incremental migration from a legacy environment of multiple workforces.

Q: How do I know that Taskforce will suit my company’s needs?

A: Taskforce manages mobile workforces of any size. Its proven benefits are management cost reductions of up to 80%, field force utilization increased to better than 90%, improved regulatory compliance and an enhanced quality of experience for your customers.

Q: Will Taskforce be able to integrate with my existing systems and processes?

A: Yes. The Taskforce introduction of Mircosoft .NET architecture and user interface enables integrated IT operations throughout the business. In addition, Taskforce deployment protects your investment in legacy systems to support your business as it develops.



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