Workforce Management

Control Panel

The Control Panel is your portal to all functionality of @Road Field Force Management solutions. It allows you to check full-system status, quickly look at individual assets or set administration functions.


Work Flow Status

Work Flow Status enables you to see at-a-glance which mobile workers are available, engaged or out-of-service. This feature enables optimization of scheduling, which can lead to improved customer service and decreased down time.


Account Grouping

The Account Grouping feature enables organizations to segment tasks for mobile assts by defining and displaying mobile assets by function, department or any other desired category. It also allows you to assign multiple users individual access and assign assets to specific users.
Account Grouping offers the benefits of a customized program without the cost and time traditionally required for development of such a feature. Benefits include:

  • Heightened security—users may access only those groups to which they are assigned
  • Improved productivity and manageability—enables users to automatically filter lists to eliminate unrelated activity
  • Faster response times—reassign groups to different users
  • Improved customer service—give your customers the ability to access and locate their shipments and deliveries with secure access to their specific information. Such self-service ability may also lower your operational costs
  • Flexibility and control—create multiple accounts for different company locations


Route Compliance

The @Road Route Compliance feature provides you with the data you need to measure and manage mobile workforce route performance to drive down your cost of operations.

With mobile workers and assets in various locations at different times, you need a clear view of every mobile resource. @Road Route Compliance allows you to do the following:

  • Increase efficiency of routing and dispatching—view routes and stops and communicate route changes in real time
  • Monitor route progress—use MapView for a current picture of all your drivers and route plans
  • Measure planned versus actual routes—analyze operations performance with powerful reporting tools
  • Keep your customers informed—for each route, see which routes are on-schedule and which are late.



TimeConnect, available with @Road GeoManager iLM, automates the recording of mobile workers’ daily activities and provides organizations with a complete snapshot of daily workforce activity. TimeConnect provides the perfect upgrade to paper-based tracking of mobile workers’ start and end times, jobs, tasks, locations, durations and breaks. It provides mobile workers with relief from the chore of manually recording notes about daily activities and automates the time recording process.

  • Enables mobile users to record the start and end of a workday
  • Records start and end of a job or jobs within a workday
  • Records start and end of breaks
  • Records specific tasks performed during a job
  • Compares actual work times with scheduled work shifts
  • Reports summary and detail information for reported workday activities
  • Enables editing of workday, job, break or task entries

TimeConnect works with a variety of GPS-enabled mobile handsets.

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