Customer Results and Comments
We are delighted with the positive customer feedback @Road has received. Please read for yourself!


@Road GeoManager(SM) iLM® Helps Southland Insulators Reduce Monthly Costs, as Well as Realize Fuel Savings and Increase Route Efficiency
“It's like e-mail; you wonder how you did business without it.”

Southland Insulators

Transportation / Distribution

Using @Road GeoManager(SM) iLM®, American Furniture
Rentals Improves Routing, Streamlines Operations and
Decreases Overtime Expenses

“Keeping this promise to our customers would not be possible without using @Road GeoManager mobile resource management services.”

American Furniture Rentals

@Road and Profit Tools Solutions Streamline Work for Central States Trucking
“Our drivers save between 30-60 minutes each day by using @Road, which leaves more time for them to actually drive and earn greater revenue.”

Central States Trucking

With @Road GeoManager(SM) iLM®, Florida Detroit Diesel-Alison Has Increased Route Efficiency, Workforce Productivity and Revenue
"@Road’s automated reports give us much more accurate mileage and fuel information; we've been able to translate that into more efficient routing and increased billings."

Florida Detroit Diesel-Alison

Using @Road and CSC Software Solutions, JAS Trucking
Streamlines Dispatching and Saves Time for Drivers

“The @Road/CSC system has not only greatly reduced our phone times and freed up our dispatchers, but it has provided our drivers with the prompt and accurate information they need to deliver great service.”

JAS Trucking

@Road® Pathway Helps Keep Kids on School Buses Safe
“I think @Road customer service is fantastic. They’re customer focused, and have a fast turnaround time with service requests.”

Safeway Transportation

Worldwide Wines Boosts Productivity by 20% Using @Road GeoManager(SM) Solution
“@Road GeoManager is a standard tool we rely on to correct our routing strategy and to keep the company’s theoretical plans and practical results as closely aligned as possible.”

Worldwide Wines

Field Services

@Road Helps Ring Power Lift Trucks Achieve Six Sigma Compliance and Improved Productivity
"Using @Road, we are able to dispatch better, reduce travel time and increase accountability in our labor force."

California Towing

@Road GeoManager(SM) iLM® Helps California Towing Increase the Number of Jobs Completed per Day and Reduce Response Times to Customers
"@Road helps us increase the number of jobs per day by 30-40%, streamline invoicing and resolve customer disputes.”

California Towing

With @Road GeoManager(SM) iLM®, Nicketts Landscaping Controls Costs, Boosts Bottom Line
“I think (customers) would be pleased to find we are leveraging state-of-the-art technology to ensure they are getting the best possible value for their money.”


Using @Road Taskforce™, British Telecommunications Improves Productivity by 36%
“In any high tech organization the field service engineers have a diverse range of skills needed to meet the breadth of customer requirements.”

British Telecommunications


Using @Road Taskforce™, Hungary's Largest Utility Provider Achieved Cost-effective Regulatory Compliance
“Taskforce can handle the constantly changing requirements during the day to ensure EHU meets customer commitments.”


Waste/Facilities Management

Automated Waste Disposal Realizes Dramatic Savings in Overtime and Vehicle Costs With @Road® Mobile Resource Management Solutions
"@Road gives us the ability to pinpoint the driver closest to a specific location… it saves us time, and it's a great benefit for our customers.”

Automated Waste Disposal

Web Service Company Improves Routing and Fuel Efficiency with @Road Solutions
“Our deployment of @Road has paid for itself … The implementation of this program has proven to be a win-win for both our company and our customers.”

Web Service Company


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