Features and Options

Internet Data Terminal (iDT)

To streamline operations and achieve optimum efficiency, fleet managers need to be in constant touch with their field workforce–they need to be able to send and receive messages; plan, schedule and delegate tasks; obtain duty status; and communicate directions and other information. With the @Road iDT 3000, managing these tasks need not be tedious, expensive or time consuming.


Complete Text Messaging Solution for Mobile Workers

The @Road iDT 3000 is a sophisticated messaging tool that empowers your workforce with dynamic two-way text messaging and reporting features. Available as an add-on for @Road GeoManagerSM customers, it is installed in vehicles to help mobile workers stay connected with managers and dispatchers.

The @Road iDT 3000 uses the latest in wireless technologies for instant and seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers. It enables managers to provide optimal route plans and schedules, communicate customer needs, receive queries from drivers, and send location and direction information to drivers.

The @Road iDT 3000 also delivers innovative optional features, such as the connected barcode wand for instant confirmation of package delivery or auto-fill of forms.


@Road iDT 3000 Datasheet (pdf)

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