@Road Pathway PE

@Road Pathway PE

  • Provides an effective mid-range Field Force Management solution for improving your mobile workforce productivity
  • Offers insight into the activities of mobile workers—in or out of their vehicles—whenever their @Road-enabled hand-held wireless devices are switched on  


Location-Based Services with a hand-held Advantage

With @Road Pathway PE (Pocket Edition), drivers’ GPS-enabled mobile phones serve as the mechanisms that deliver up-to-the-minute location information to the customer’s back office. Using this solution, customers can take advantage of productivity-enhancing @Road location based services both inside and outside the vehicle—wherever they have their mobile phone.


@Road Pathway PE Features

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Location Services

Standard Reports

Workforce Management
Account Grouping

Extensive Support
Online and Phone Technical Support
Implementation Services

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System Requirements

@Road Pathway PE Datasheet (pdf)

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