@Road Taskforce Overview

Every business that delivers field service faces the challenges of dynamic scheduling. Companies seek to provide customers’ desired appointment windows, deliver the right service at the right time, and meet Service Level Agreements—all while keeping down operational costs. Traditional manual scheduling or dispatch software is based on simple, rules-based methods that are inadequate for the demands of many companies today. The complexity of the scheduling problem increases exponentially with both the number and variety of resources to be managed, and the number of dynamic scheduling factors that must be addressed.

@Road Taskforce is the solution of choice for dynamic scheduling environments where deployment across multiple resource pools must routinely adapt to complex, external factors.


Delivering the Right Service at the Right Time

@Road Taskforce is an intelligent, automated field service management solution that continually synchronizes the right human and physical resources required to fulfill consumer demand, even among complex variables and unpredictable circumstances. Taskforce enables your field service worker to deliver a superior customer experience while at the same time creating significant operational efficiencies.

By providing a unified, up to the minute view across the entire field service resource network, Taskforce enables a single operations manager to handle significant numbers of dynamic scheduling resources in an unpredictable field service environment. Taskforce breaks down barriers within an organization to allow tasks to be implemented across different departments, field service workers and individuals. It allows businesses to control operations from planning through to consumer-centric service delivery.

The mature, powerful and proven Taskforce solution has been implemented by some of industry’s leading service providers such as British Telecom, Centrica, e.on and ntl. Our customers have noted improvements including:


  • productivity—to 30%
  • field force utilization—to more than 90%
  • control-to-field employee ratio—from 1:8 to 1:50


  • annual total cost of operating a mobile field workforce—15 percent
  • number of control sites—85 percent
  • call duration using Intelligent Appointer—17 percent

Taskforce is a highly scalable solution that applies to a wide range of field service management environments. Click on the below resources for further information.


@Road Taskforce Features and Options


Standard Features

Schedule Manager
Heuristic Scheduler
Operations Portal
Real Time Progress Reporting
Optimized Allocator (Real Time Allocator)
Dynamic Scheduling (comprised of the Simulated Annealer and Bundle Build)
Automatic Jeopardy Manager (interrupt scheduler)
Tour Scheduler



Management Information System (MIS)
Field Client
Business Simulation

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