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Vehicle Maintenance

The @Road Vehicle Maintenance module—a standard feature of @Road GeoManager iLM and @Road Pathway iLM—helps companies effectively manage maintenance of their field assets to realize the benefits of fuel savings, reduced downtime and service interruptions, and reduced maintenance costs.


Save on Repair Costs; Extend Life of Field Assets

With @Road Vehicle Maintenance, service managers may designate which maintenance items to track, access valuable reports showing maintenance status and set up automatic reminder notifications for maintenance that is due. Using these features, managers can see a clear picture of the maintenance history for each field asset, plus they benefit from automated system assistance in tracking required maintenance actions and keeping each asset up-to-date. Such maintenance tracking and follow-through can improve overall vehicle/asset performance, which may lower the risk of costly breakdowns and resulting service interruptions. As an added benefit, using the module to track ongoing maintenance may help retain the resale value and extend the life of your field assets, reducing capital costs.


Save Fuel with Improved Maintenance

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that companies can realize up to a 19 percent miles-per-gallon savings by improving vehicle maintenance.† @Road Vehicle Maintenance helps managers achieve these fuel savings by ensuring the scheduling of engine tuning, timely air filter replacement, regular oil changes and correct motor oil grade—as well as other types of maintenance—with customizable lists of items to track and definable thresholds for setting reminder alerts.

† As reported by the U.S. Department of Energy October 28, 2005 at www.fueleconomy.gov, based on studies and literature reviews performed by Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc., Washington, D.C.

@Road Vehicle Maintenance 2.0 Datasheet (pdf)


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