Reports and Notifications


Standard Reports

With @Road, the tools and reports you need to manage your field force are just a mouse click away. You may view reports online, have them automatically emailed to you at your convenience, or download them from a secure @Road File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. Once you configure the report specifications, there’s no need to log on to the @Road web site unless you want to add or change reports.

@Road’s Standard Reports feature allows you to:

  • View detailed reports on your entire workforce, a segment of your workforce or even a single employee
  • Generate reports on location, speed, stops and more
  • Receive both real-time and end-of-day reports
  • Run activity and stop reports for each mobile asset.

Standard Reports

Premium Reports

@Road offers a continually-expanding array of premium reports that extend the options available in @Road standard reports to help organizations meet specific business reporting needs.

You may receive Premium Reports on-demand or schedule them for periodic delivery via email in HTML or PDF formats.


@Road currently offers the following Premium Reports:

Inactivity Report: Displays a list of all mobile devices or groups of mobile devices that have not shown any communication within the number of days specified in the reporting period.

Latitude/Longitude Report: An activity detail report that displays the latitude/longitude coordinates instead of map-based information, such as address, cross street, city, etc.

Mileage Totals Report: Displays both total and average mileage per day for each mobile device.

Parameterized Stop Report: Displays the stops made by each mobile device.

Reconciliation Detail Report: Displays details and relationships among all groups, users, and devices.

Reconciliation Summary Report: Displays summarized details of all groups, users and devices.

Forms Sent Report (for use with Two-Way Messaging Option): Displays the number of forms sent for each mobile device, showing the total number of forms sent in the reporting period and the average number of forms sent per day, based on the total number of weekdays in the reporting period.


Basic Exception Reports

Standard Delivery Speed Report: Displays exceptions triggered when a device exceeds a speed and duration threshold.

Standard Delivery Idle Report: Displays exceptions triggered when a vehicle has idled for more than a specified duration. Idling is measured when the engine is “on” and the vehicle is not moving for more than two minutes.

Real-Time and Standard Delivery Landmark Proximity Exception: Displays exceptions triggered when a mobile user arrives at or departs from a user-defined landmark.

Real-Time and Standard Delivery Messaging Exception (for use with Two-Way Messaging and Forms Options): Triggers an alert when the system receives a predefined message from a mobile device. Standard Delivery Exception Reports are reported once a day, showing the previous day’s exception events. Real-Time Exception Reports deliver the exception notification as soon as the event is triggered.

Real-Time and Standard Delivery Switch Status Exception (for use with StatSensor Option): Triggers an alert when vehicle switches meet user-defined criteria or thresholds.

Real-Time and Standard Delivery Temp Status Exception (for use with TempSensor Option): Triggers an alert when a vehicle’s—or compartment within a vehicle’s—temperature and duration reach user-defined values.


Premium Exception Reports

Real-Time Speed Alert: Triggers an alert when a device exceeds a speed and duration threshold.

Real-Time Idle Alert: Triggers an alert when a vehicle’s idle time exceeds a specified duration. Idle time commences when the engine is on and the vehicle has not moved for more than two minutes.

Real-Time and Standard Delivery Zone Exception: Triggers an alert when a mobile device has arrived at or departed from a specified zone such as a zip code, city, county or state.

Standard Delivery Stop Report: Triggers an alert when the total daily stop time at a landmark or any location is greater than a predefined threshold.

Standard Delivery Stop Count Report: Triggers an alert when the total number of stops at a landmark or any location is greater than a predefined threshold.

Standard Delivery Vicinity Report: Triggers an alert when there are at least two mobile devices within a given radius that have stopped for a minimum of five minutes. These parameters are user-defined.


Premium Landmark Reports

Stop Summary at Landmark Type by Landmark Report: Calculates, for all selected mobile devices, the total duration of stops at a specified Landmark Type, the total number of stops at the Landmark Type and the average stop duration at the Landmark Type.

Stop Summary at Landmark Type by Vehicle Report: Displays stop information by Landmark Type(s) for selected mobile device(s). The report calculates the total and average duration of stops at a particular type of landmark, including non-landmark stops, and the total and average number of trips to the Landmark Type during the reporting period.


Field Services Reports

Field service operations require a high level of visibility into the location and activities of their mobile workforce to meet service goals, improve the effectiveness of their remote workers and increase asset utilization. @Road Field Services Reports, available as an add-on to @Road GeoManager iLM, gives organizations the power to quickly accomplish these goals.

Field Services Reports collect, monitor and report on events and conditions in the field, providing location-based, time-sensitive information that measures actual productivity against planned objectives. A set of 18 reports enable field service managers to do the following:

  • Identify when workers leave their starting point, such as a work yard or terminal
  • Compare scheduled arrivals and departures with actual arrival and departure times
  • Reduce non-billable time at the end of the day
  • Measure the amount of time mobile workers spend at each work center and the number of stops made at each location
  • Optimize schedules and minimize time at work centers

In addition, Field Services Reports provide the ability for organizations to run activity, inactivity and stops reports. All reports may be generated on-demand from any Internet-connected PC, or scheduled for periodic delivery via e-mail as an HTML or PDF file.

@Road Field Services Reports Datasheet (pdf)


Custom Reports

@Road can create specific reports that correspond with your company’s preferred data format, measure statistics unique to your industry or provide specific calculations tailored to your financial model. We have expertise in setting standards, reporting on compliance to standards, and illuminating Mobile Resource Management metrics. @Road can develop reports in any format, with a custom look and feel. You may also schedule these custom reports for email delivery at your convenience.



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