Field Force Management (FFM)

Businesses in a variety of industries face challenges in maximizing the efficiency of their mobile workforces. These challenges may include:

  • Delays in finding resources closest to a service need
  • Lack of visibility into the activities and locations of mobile workers
  • Inefficient routes that do not maximize mobile workers’ time
  • Excess fuel use and vehicle wear from indirect routes, speeding, excess idling or unauthorized after-hours use
  • Lack of efficient communication with mobile workers
  • Missed productivity opportunities because the mobile workforce is cut off from access to office-based computer applications

@Road Field Force Management solutions encompass far more than fleet tracking and fleet management tools. @Road integrates multiple technologies—including Global Positioning Systems (GPS), wireless carrier systems and Internet communications—into on-demand mobile software applications that strengthen your ability to manage your mobile workforce. These @Road software products—combined with either in-vehicle or hand-held hardware—help you measure and better manage overall mobile workforce performance, reduce operating costs and maximize your ability to deliver high-quality customer service in the field.

@Road Solutions

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@Road Field Force Management product lines include:

@Road GeoManager
- Our most robust, flagship Field Force Management product line
@Road Pathway
- An effective mid-range Field Force Management solution
@Road Portico
- An entry-level set of Field Force Management capabilities




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