Two-Way Communications

The @Road iLM® 3100-W Series

(Internet Location Manager—Wi-Fi) in-vehicle hardware system adds 802.11 Wi-Fi access-point capability to @Road GeoManager. This enables the field worker to use a Wi-Fi equipped mobile computer or hand-held device to instantly access corporate applications through the iLM's wireless data connection.

Using the @Road iLM-W Series, field technicians can receive updated information from their company‘s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system prior to a customer visit, or access the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to place a customer order. Advanced built-in security capabilities help keep your corporate data secure while providing a flexible wide-area network access through integrated Wi-Fi capabilities that incorporate security and firewall protocols to enable policy-based routing and access control. The Wi-Fi connection also enables remote workers to easily update ordering and inventory records, or complete other necessary documentation, without having to return to the office.


Enable High-Speed, Cost-Effective Connectivity

The @Road iLM- 3100-W Series incorporates high-speed EvDO or EDGE cellular data communications, thereby minimizing data upload and download times. With this capability, field workers’ mobile computers need only have built-in Wi-Fi capability—not extra-cost wireless data setups—since Wi-Fi links them to the iLM's wireless data connection. The @Road units are designed to be field-upgradeable as even faster wireless data technologies continue to emerge over time.

iLM 3100-W Series Datasheet (pdf)


Internet Data Terminal (iDT)

To streamline operations and achieve optimum efficiency, fleet managers need to be in constant touch with their field workforce—they need to be able to send and receive messages; plan, schedule and delegate tasks; obtain duty status; and communicate directions and other information. With the @Road iDT™ 3000, managing these tasks need not be tedious, expensive or time consuming.


Complete Text Messaging Solution for Mobile Workers

The @Road iDT 3000 is a sophisticated messaging tool that empowers your workforce with dynamic two-way text messaging and reporting features. Available as an add-on for @Road GeoManagerSM customers, it is installed in vehicles to help mobile workers stay connected with managers and dispatchers.

The @Road iDT 3000 uses the latest in wireless technologies for instant and seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers. It enables managers to provide optimal route plans and schedules, communicate customer needs, receive queries from drivers, and send location and direction information to drivers.

The @Road iDT 3000 also delivers innovative optional features, such as the connected barcode wand for instant confirmation of package delivery or auto-fill of forms.

@Road iDT 3000 Datasheet (pdf)

iDT Keyboard

The iDT Keyboard is an optional peripheral designed for users of the @Road Internet Data Terminal (iDT) along with Two-Way Messaging and Forms options. The compact keyboard features a standard QWERTY layout for easy free-form alphanumeric data entry, an elastomer membrane that protects against spills and other contaminants, and locks to prevent accidental use. It allows mobile workers to quickly enter information into forms and add comments to pre-programmed messages sent to dispatch.



MobileForms is a Palm operating system application. It uses a Symbol device together wtih the @Road iLM to provide remote information on mobile asset use and status. MobileForms combines two-way messaging and integrated data collection applications, enabling mobile workers to:

  • Reduce field paperwork and data entry errors with electronic data capture
  • Design and deploy customized electronic forms to meet your specific data collection needs
  • Improve communication with two-way messaging between corporate administrators and mobile workers
  • Employ integrated work order or proof of delivery data collection applications to help with invoicing or electronic signatures
  • Use the integrated laser bar code scanner to quickly and efficiently manage mobile assets
  • Improve customer service and billing cycle time with accurate visibility of mobile assets and proof of job completion


MobileForms Printer

The MobileForms Printer is an optional peripheral that allows mobile workers to create instant receipts and proof of delivery records. It is capable of printing any information entered into standard @Road forms using MobileForms integrated data collection applications, including Work Order or Proof of Delivery. Benefits include:

  • Use at the point of activity
  • Eliminate ink cartridges and ribbons with thermal printing capability
  • Avoid paper threading with drop-in paper roll replacement
  • Use reliably even in adverse field conditions
  • Charge unit in-vehicle
  • Use anywhere in the vehicle without concern for cables, due to battery-powered, infrared technology
  • Enjoy multiple paper width options, including 1, 2 or 3 inch receipts.


Barcode Wand

The @Road Barcode Wand streamlines data entry for mobile workers, reducing the need to manually enter information into @Road form fields. The Barcode Wand scans any barcode format, including laminated barcodes. It has a self-cleaning, ruby ball tip that protects the optics from dust and dirt, ensuring consistent read performance. The Barcode Wand may also be used for instant confirmation of package delivery.


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