Features and Options

Sensor Solutions

@Road Sensor Solutions include StatSensorTM and TempSensorTM



The @Road StatSensorTM status reporting and management feature enables monitoring of up to four independent events, such as Door Opened/Closed and Tow Lift Up/Down. SwitchSensor monitors electrical signals and serves as the interface between the iLM® (Internet Location Manager) and the existing mobile resource switch.

Sample transition events include:

  • Door Opened/Closed
  • Door Up/Down
  • Light On/Off
  • Tow Lift Up/Down
  • Street Sweeper Broom Up/Down

The iLM monitors switch transition information, stores the data and sends it to the @Road server at custom-designated intervals. You may review switch transition, time, date and location information in a detailed activity report that uses descriptions you define. The easy-to-read report highlights transitions in blue.



@Road TempSensor digitally records and reports the current surrounding temperature. TempSensor is ideal for use in any industry in which the temperature of a compartment is important, such as the food and chemical distribution sectors.

Benefits of TempSensor include:

  • Remote and periodic temperature reports
  • Automatic data capture, eliminating manual entry
  • Protection against disputes over spoiled goods

The intuitive TempSensor reporting feature enables flexibility and instills confidence that goods will be transported at optimum temperature. TempSensor is easy to install and can be positioned anywhere there is a need for temperature data reports.

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