The @Road AppSmartTM Platform

@Road AppSmart™ is an advanced on-demand technology and service delivery platform that combines @Road location intelligent technology with best practices in business processes, procedures, provisioning, monitoring and management—as well as 10 years of @Road know-how from being a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS).

AppSmart is used by @Road to build next-generation, end-to-end Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions. The platform is built using on-demand Service Oriented Architecture principles, exploiting easy-to-use web services standards like XML as well as flexible integration techniques. As with other @Road technology, AppSmart is backed by redundant data centers on separate U.S. coasts and a strong information security environment.


Enabling Application Sharing and Collaboration

Strategically, AppSmart opens the door to a sophisticated on-demand MRM environment that enables collaboration and application sharing within an expansive community of customers, strategic business relationships, independent software vendors and third-party application developers. While AppSmart is used today as a unifying advanced platform to deliver core @Road MRM solutions, businesses can also use the platform to build new field service applications, customize existing applications for individual business requirements, or integrate various applications to meet field service delivery needs.

It is through dynamic collaboration and technological innovation that @Road will remain ahead of its competition by empowering businesses with world-class MRM solutions that help increase the productivity of mobile workers, drive down field service delivery costs, and improve overall customer quality of experience.


Creating a Future-Proof Technology Platform

@Road believes AppSmart is a future-proof technology that accounts for current business IT and technology trends. Gartner estimates that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will soon become the dominant framework for creating and delivering software; this shifts value from packaged software to subscription services and from monolithic suites to composite applications. According to Gartner, by 2010, 80 percent of application software revenue growth will come from products that were built using SOA. With the AppSmart platform, @Road is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.


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