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TimeConnect, available with @Road GeoManager iLM, automates the recording of mobile workers’ daily activities and provides organizations with a complete snapshot of daily workforce activity. TimeConnect provides the perfect upgrade to paper-based tracking of mobile workers’ start and end times, jobs, tasks, locations, durations and breaks. It provides mobile workers with relief from the chore of manually recording notes about daily activities and automates the time recording process.

  • Enables mobile users to record the start and end of a workday
  • Records start and end of a job or jobs within a workday
  • Records start and end of breaks
  • Records specific tasks performed during a job
  • Compares actual work times with scheduled work shifts
  • Reports summary and detail information for reported workday activities
  • Enables editing of workday, job, break or task entries

TimeConnect works with a variety of GPS-enabled mobile handsets.

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