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Municipal districts and public agencies must meet increasing civic demands to operate at the highest level of responsiveness, efficiency and accountability. Balancing the requirements of managing a diverse—and often seasonal—mobile workforce, along with ensuring public safety, requires the kind of end-to-end Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution only @Road can provide.

@Road helps governments and public agencies streamline and modernize their mobile operations, enhance service to the public and comply with regulatory challenges.

@Road specialized Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions for municipalities and public agencies enable you to:

  • Increase visibility into and efficiency of your mobile workforce and assets
  • Streamline time and task management
  • Maximize resource allocation
  • Optimize scheduling
  • Monitor authorized versus unauthorized use of mobile assets Enable efficient communication with mobile workers
  • Provide real-time, integrated workflow information


@Road Telco, Utility and Cable Solution Datasheet (PDF)
- A Field Force Management solution for Cable/Broadband extending the functionality of @Road GeoManager iLM.

Maximize Fuel Efficiency Datasheet (PDF)
- Showcases the fuel-savings capabilities of @Road Field Force Management solutions.


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