Taskforce In Detail

The sophisticated suite of Taskforce applications delivers 95% automation of all scheduling tasks--including real-time response—for service organizations of any size.

Taskforce in Detail

Taskforce Operations Suite provides tools for monitoring workload in real-time and handling the small proportion—less than 5 percent—of tasks that cannot be automated.

Taskforce uses real-time data and patented artificial intelligence algorithms in its decision making to coordinate people, skills, tools and resources. It transforms field service management from a manual process to a highly automated, proactive one that makes the best decision from an operational and a customer perspective.

From your preferred call center system, Taskforce allows customer service agents to offer the best appointment to the customer at the optimal cost to the organization, enhancing the customer experience while managing operational costs. Taskforce operates in your own data center and integrates with CRM, HR, inventory and billing systems. Taskforce can be configured to accept 25,00-50,000 decisions every minute. Then, every time an engineer finishes a job or reports a change in his/her environment, Taskforce re-synchronizes the entire schedule to account for that single new event, without any human intervention.

Taskforce uses industry-standard interfaces, configuration tools and databuild utilities. It’s customizable and allows users to build their own forms.

Scenario testing allows the simulation of a day’s work using real data for people and tasks from a live system. It’s entirely customer-driven, and can be used to test new services, configure parameters for different geographical areas or see the effect of changes in working patterns.

Taskforce breaks down barriers across business functions, operations and processes to improve efficiency in the Service Delivery Lifecycle, ensuring that you meet your customer commitments, no matter what.







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