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@Road MEA

The @Road Mobile Enterprise Access (MEA) solution provides mobile workers with convenient and secure access to enterprise data. Using standards-based client/server enabling technologies, @Road MEA eliminates the complex middleware layer to enable the integration of mobile applications with legacy databases and back office applications.

@Road MEA is designed to:

  • Improve communication with field employees
  • Reduce field service operation errors
  • Lower costs by direct integration with back-office applications
  • Automate and streamline business processes

The @Road MEA solution includes use of a standards-based, Java-enabled hand-held device that enables mobile workers to bi-directionally access data from back office database applications, ERP and CRM systems, and other mission-critical systems and web services. @Road MEA empowers mobile workers to incorporate time-sensitive data collection from the field, to solve field service issues with real-time back office data, and to make off-site decisions with dynamic business intelligence available at their fingertips.

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@Road MEA White Paper (PDF)

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