@Road GeoManager iLM

@Road GeoManager iLM

  • Offers a robust array of Field Force Management tools and features, such as fleet tracking and fleet management, with numerous add-on options
  • Delivers highly accurate location data through the iLM in-vehicle device, which is active whenever the vehicle is on
  • Helps protect your mobile assets by tracking a vehicle’s location if stolen or misused


@Road GeoManager iLM—A Robust Solution with In-Vehicle Installation

With @Road GeoManager iLM, the installed iLM (Internet Location Manager) device serves as the in-vehicle mechanism that delivers location information and reports to the customer’s back office, and helps enable two-way communication between driver and dispatcher. The iLM capabilities of @Road GeoManager operate automatically whenever the vehicle is on, and reports daily status messages when the vehicle is off.

@Road GeoManager iLM is ideal for customers who want the full set of @Road Field Force Management solutions, as well as access to add-on options like Vehicle Diagnostics, Vehicle Maintenance, Driver Logs and Satellite Modem. Also available are hardware options that enable mobile access to back-office applications by adding an access point router, EDGE or EvDO wireless modem, and security-enabled Wi-Fi capabilities to standard iLM functionality.

@Road GeoManager iLM Features and Options

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Location Services

Standard Reports
Premium Reports
Field Service Reports*
Custom Reports

Workforce Management
Work Flow Status
Account Grouping

Field Asset Management*
Vehicle Maintenance
Sensor Services
Vehicle Diagnostics

Two-Way Communication*
iLM 3100-W Series (Wi-Fi)
Internet Data Terminal (iDT)
iDT Keyboard
MobileForms Printer
Barcode Wand

Driver Logs
Enterprise Integration
More Frequent Updates
Route Compliance
Satellite Modem

*May require separate hardware and/or added services to use these features  

System Requirements

@Road GeoManager iLM Datasheet (pdf)

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