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With increasing fuel and operating costs, driver shortages and changing regulatory mandates, managers of for-hire carriers and private fleets face new challenges as well as new opportunities to prosper and succeed. By intelligently combining leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) tools and applications, @Road Transportation and Distribution solutions provide MRM solutions that cut costs and improve operating efficiencies, while dramatically increasing customer responsiveness and maximizing return on investment (ROI).

See how @Road delivers success to the following customers:

Central States Trucking


@Road and Profit Tools Solutions Streamline Work for Central States Trucking

JAS Trucking (PDF)


Using @Road and CSC Software Solutions, JAS Trucking Streamlines Dispatching and Saves Time for Drivers

Safeway Transportation (PDF)


@Road® Pathway Helps Keep Kids on School Buses Safe

@Road Transportation and Distribution Datasheet (PDF)
- A Field Force Management solution combining @Road GeoManager iLM with special features and options for the transportation and distribution markets.

Maximize Fuel Efficiency Datasheet (PDF)
- Showcases the fuel-savings capabilities of @Road Field Force Management solutions.

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