@Road Infrastructure

Both integrated and modular, all components of the @Road solution are designed to work cohesively to provide the most comprehensive MRM solution available, while at the same time enabling you to provision only those components you need for your business at any specific time. You may add or change functionality as your business grows and changes.

In addition, the application infrastructure gives you the ability to tailor the solution through a variety of configuration options and add-on functionality, such as Custom Exceptions or Custom Reports. Or @Road can develop customized configurations through our Advanced Customer Solutions Group.


No risk solution

Our hosted infrastructure delivers the most cost-effective, comprehensive MRM solutions. @Road invests continuously in the latest hardware and software innovations to provide you with world-class, turnkey MRM services on a subscription or licensed basis. With no need for upfront investment on IT and staff, you pay only for services you need.



World-class, state-of-the-art, multi-level security technology, product architecture, management practices and physical security ensure the safety and confidentiality of your critical sales data.


High performance

We employ leading platforms and technologies to streamline and enhance performance. Our advanced architecture enables us to ensure an optimal user experience by quickly adapting to increases in traffic, extending our patented technologies and continuing to broaden our extensive suite of applications.



Our Internet architecture is designed to support thousands of concurrent users. As your company grows and prospers, @Road will continue to provide leading MRM services and functionality. @Road scalable architecture meets the needs of a range of organizations—from the smallest companies with a few mobile resources, to Fortune 500 enterprises with 20,000+ mobile resources.


High Reliability

@Road works to ensure that our entire technology infrastructure and processing structure are transparent to you by providing fast, continual, uninterrupted access to the system and your location information—24 hours a day, every day of the year.


@Road Application Support

The @Road MRM system not only processes data for your business processes, we process carrier, GPS and other data to improve your experience with @Road.

The power of @Road LocationSmart technology extends beyond developing and marketing MRM applications to provide an actual Early Warning System. This Early Warning System has predictive capabilities to analyze potential system issues, rapidly identify infrastructure issues driving our back-end systems—such as when a wireless carrier is offline—and either solve the issues, or notify affected users before they have a chance to contact our Customer Support team.


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