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Every day, telecommunications companies face increasing pressure to provide more services—better and faster—to their customers. The @Road Telecommunications Solution provides integrated, comprehensive tools that address the specific needs of this market, enabling the synchronization of scheduling, routing and services across all points of customer contact.

The @Road Telecommunications Solution extends the functionality of our flagship Mobile Resource Management (MRM) application, @Road GeoManager SM, which delivers anytime, on-demand visibility into your mobile workforce. A proven and robust location-enhanced application, @Road GeoManager helps streamline daily activities for busy field technicians by minimizing—or even eliminating—manual tasks and paperwork. By helping optimize resource allocation, the @Road Telecommunications Solution drives productivity and delivers a high quality of experience to customers.

See how @Road delivers success to the following customers:

AT&T (formally SBC) Services


With its Field Force Management solutions, @Road optimizes field services operations for 35,000 SBC field service employees.



Using @Road Taskforce™, British Telecommunications Improves Productivity by 36%

Frontier Communications


Frontier Communications employs @Road solutions to manage its field operations, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.



@Road helps Qwest increase the effective use of mobile workers, control operations costs and improve the delivery of customer service.

@Road Telco, Utility and Cable Solution Datasheet (PDF)
- A Field Force Management solution for Cable/Broadband extending the functionality of @Road GeoManager iLM.

Maximize Fuel Efficiency Datasheet (PDF)
- Showcases the fuel-savings capabilities of @Road Field Force Management solutions.


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