Features and Options

Taskforce for the Field

Taskforce for the Field—the Taskforce Field Client Application—resides on the Java-enabled hand-held device of the field engineer, allowing him/her to access critical enterprise data, receive work orders and report back on progress.

Taskforce for the Field extends automated workflow to mobile workers in both connected and disconnected modes of operation. Typical uses of the field client application include:

• Viewing new tasks and memos

• Ensuring that necessary checks or tests have been completed prior to closure of a service visit

• Connecting to the back office

• Capturing needed information from service tasks

• Ensuring that location tracking information is provided

At each connection, Taskforce for the Field uses a message-based system to reconcile the workflow information, passing information back and receiving new information. This ensures that connection time and costs are kept to a minimum. In addition, the field service client exploits web and wireless technology to provide access to real-time information.

Taskforce for the Field has a standard Explorer/Browser-style user interface. It also incorporates technology to dynamically construct views that only show the information that the user needs to see. These features ensure that the application is intuitive, requires minimal user training and achieves high levels of user acceptance.


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