Taskforce Overview

In today’s demanding business climate of higher customer service expectations, rising costs, increasing competition and greater choice, companies must find a balanced way to increase field worker performance while reducing company costs. Consistently working smarter in an ever changing world requires dynamic solutions that can grow and adapt as your business changes.

Taskforce Overview

With this in mind, Trimble MRM introduces Taskforce 8, the next generation platform for Field Service Management (FSM). Taskforce 8 allows your business to optimize, manage and communicate day-to-day activities with your mobile workforce using real-time data and scheduling automation. Building on patented technology, Taskforce enables your business to balance customer expectations with your company’s needs, increasing customer satisfaction and delivering reliable and repeatable performance on a daily basis.

The Taskforce platform incorporates a range of features that can be tailored to your business needs, whether that is taking the first steps towards automated scheduling or realizing a vision of a highly intelligent automated scheduling and dispatching.

When integrated with the Dynamic Capacity Management Suite and a range of Trimble GPS mobile solutions, Taskforce 8 has the capability to extend the FSM solution from the initial customer contact, by using the Intelligent Appointer, to the point of service via a Trimble MRM mobile application, such as TrimWeb, TrimView or @Road GeoManager. It can also be tightly integrated with other business systems, from CRM to billing, using industry-standard interfaces provided by the Field Service Management Software Development Kit.


Within its large-scale implementations, Taskforce has been applied to discrete areas of operation with proven capabilities of varying complexity for both large and small scale organizations. Though related to each other, complexity of operation and scale of operation are two different factors. Taskforce is primarily designed to manage complexity. As a result, it can cope with massive volumes as well.

Managing volumes

Taskforce has delivered demonstrable benefits with a wide range of workforces, from smaller operations that schedule around 100 jobs a day to large corporate workforces scheduling over 150,000 jobs each day. It synchronizes the optimal match of resources to demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Providing high availability

The Taskforce product has a proven track record of operating continuously for 365 days a year with 99.997 percentage availability. As a system, it is typically deployed with high-availability that includes strategies for fail-over, disaster recovery and system backup without the need for downtime. For example, a typical strategy for backing up the database is a combination of hot-backups and redo-backups, which copies the database into a set of directories that are backed up using normal processes.


  • Increase your company’s efficiency by completing more tasks per day with the same workforce
  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention with:
  • Greater appointment flexibility when integrated with the Intelligent Appointer
  • Better customer communication
  • More customer service calls answered per day
  • Fewer return visits by getting the right worker to the right job at the right time
  • Reduce vehicle mileage, fuel costs - help preserve the environment by shrinking your carbon footprint


  • Intelligent Controller with interactive features
  • Street Level Map Visualization
  • Ability to Integrate with GPS Tracking solutions
  • Automatic Start of Day Schedule
  • Automatic issuing of work
  • Create, View and Modify Resources
  • Field Configuration Tools
  • MIS Reporting
  • Support for Capacity Management and Intelligent Appointing
  • Feasibility checking using the Capacity Controller

Taskforce is a highly scalable solution that applies to a wide range of field service management environments. Click on the below resources for further information.



Available in ‘standard’ and ‘enterprise’ configurations
GPS Data integration
Field Client for Laptop, Tablet and PDA

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