Application Architecture

Taskforce is a client-server application for intelligent field service automation.

Application Interfaces

The Field Service Management platform provides an application-programming interface (API) for third-party applications to interact with Taskforce and the Dynamic Capacity Management Suite for making appointments, submitting tasks and managing schedules and resources, as well as obtaining progress information.

Full API specifications are sent out in the documentation supplied with the Field Service Management Software Development Kit (SDK).

User Interfaces


The browser-based Intelligent Controller enables an interactive approach to work management. The Intelligent Controller provides the ability to make informed scheduling and dispatch decisions through an easy-to-use graphic user interface (GUI). Its intelligent scheduler also supports the automation of scheduling decisions. The Intelligent Controller enables field workers, managers and control staff to improve the effectiveness of field service delivery by using up-to-the-minute information for managing tasks.

Exceptions Managers

When deployed in a highly automated configuration, Taskforce provides thick-client power tools to support the role of managing automation exceptions. The tools comprise Schedule Management, What-If Analysis, Taskforce Field Emulation and optionally, Capacity Planning and Capacity Control.

Browser-based tools

In addition to the tools that directly support Exception management and dispatch roles, there are a number of browser-based tools that are available to both roles, such as the Resource Management, Task Management, Map Live and Administration tools. These tools are available from the browser-based Operation Portal.

Resource Management Tools

Taskforce 8 provides Resource Management Tools with facilities to create, view, update, remove resources as well as manage their capabilities and availability. Resource Management Tools have a rich customizable search facility that can meet specific customer needs.

Task Management Tools

Taskforce 8 provides Task Management Tools with facilities to create, view, update and cancel tasks. Task Management Tools have a rich customizable search facility that can meet specific customer needs.


The MapLive feature provides an up-to-date view of the mobile workforce and their work on a street-level map. It supports Exceptions management, performance monitoring and compliance with working practices.

Administration Tools

The administration component contains the facilities to manage system information that is generally static and not affected by day-to-day activities, such as changes to geography.

Field Users

Taskforce Field provides a configurable mobility application for mobile field workers that allows the user to request tasks and other instructions, enter Task information and report progress. The product supports both connected and dis-connected working and operates across any TCP/IP network.

Management Information System Interface

Taskforce provides an interface that can be used for populating existing Management Information System (MIS) and reporting solutions. A sample solution, comprising a set of processes and reports is also provided to customers and may be used as a starting point for constructing an MIS database, enabling Operational users to view MIS data through a web browser on their computer.



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