Taskforce FAQ

Q: What is Taskforce?

A: Trimble Taskforce 8, the next generation platform for Field Service Management (FSM), allows your business to optimize, manage and communicate day-to-day activities with your mobile workforce using real-time data and scheduling.

Building on patented technology, Taskforce enables your business to balance customer expectations with your company’s needs, increasing customer satisfaction and delivering reliable and repeatable performance on a daily basis.

Taskforce 8 grows with your business needs, incorporating features tailored to your business, from the first steps of semi-automated or automated scheduling to realizing a fully integrated scheduling and dispatching solution.

When integrated with the Dynamic Capacity Management Suite and a range of Trimble GPS mobile solutions, Taskforce has the ability to extend the FSM solution from the initial customer contact, by using the Intelligent Appointer, to the point of service via a Trimble mobile application, such as TrimWeb, TrimView or @Road GeoManager. It can also be tightly integrated with other business systems, from CRM to billing, using industry-standard interfaces provided by the FSM Software Development Kit.

The primary role of Taskforce is to maximize the quality of the customer experience by optimizing the use of Operational resources to fulfill customer commitments. Taskforce has been designed from the outset to work within the context of a service provider’s enterprise and business systems environment. As such it provides interfaces to:

  • Call Management or Customer Relationship Management systems which provide appointments and receive work.
  • People Management and Human Resources systems which receive information about the workforce.
  • Network Management, Inventory and Billing Systems which use system, appointment and customer data.
  • Other business systems that make use of the data collected by the workforce (such as credit card details) or systems that provide the workforce with additional information.

Q: How will Taskforce help my business?

A: Taskforce is a scaleable solution for organizations seeking to improve Field Service Management. Its proven benefits are cost reductions of up to 80%, increased field force utilization to better than 90%, improved regulatory compliance and enhanced customer service quality.

Q: How do I know that Taskforce is suitable for my business?

A: Taskforce has the capability to intelligently control the complexities of managing mobile workforces. It provides extensive support for managing Field workers and their work, helping companies reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. Using a proven scaleable and resilient optimization platform, Taskforce successfully operates in a range of Telco and Utility Enterprises in the USA and Europe. Taskforce can be deployed in two configurations:

  • Standard optimization for use where decision support is preferred.
  • Advanced optimization for use where automated processes are preferred.

Q: Can Taskforce integrate with my existing systems and processes?

A: Yes. The Taskforce introduction of Microsoft .NET architecture and browser-based user interface enables integrated IT operations throughout your business. In addition, Taskforce deployment protects your investment in legacy systems to support your business as it develops.



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