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Sensor Solutions

@Road Sensor Services provide added visibility that helps companies protect their assets and provide quality service. The @Road Sensor Services set of solutions includes StatSensorand TempSensor—each available as optional features of the @Road GeoManageriLM Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution.


@Road StatSensor

@Road StatSensor enables monitoring of up to four independent transition events within a vehicle, such as Door Opened/Closed, Door Up/Down, Light On/Off, Tow Lift Up/Down or Street Sweeper Broom Up/Down. This service enables the @Road iLM in-vehicle hardware to monitor electrical signals from various switches or sensors in the vehicle, then send information on transition events to the @Road server for use in detailed GeoManager reports.

Using the web-based GeoManager application, managers may review easy-to-read reports on the time, date and location where sensor transitions take place. Exception Reports deliver immediate text notification to a manager's PC or SMS-enabled mobile device if a sensor is triggered outside of defined parameters. Reports on sensor events can let a manager know, for example, when a cargo load was delivered, the location at which a tow was raised, or how many waste truck loads were picked up on a residential block.



@Road TempSensor works in a similar way as StatSensor, using digital temperature data from a customized sensor that is installed in a temperature-controlled compartment of the vehicle. TempSensor is especially helpful for temperature-sensitive industries, such as food and chemical distribution, because it automatically provides periodic reports on compartment temperatures for vehicles in the field. Managers may receive immediate Exception Report notifications when the temperature of a vehicle compartment exceeds or drops below set thresholds. Such information can maintain the safety of temperature-sensitive chemicals, prevent cargo loss and help resolve customer disputes over spoiled goods.

@Road Sensor Services Datasheet (pdf)

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