@Road GeoManager iLM

@Road GeoManager iLM SMB

  • Fleet management tools tailored for the needs of small/medium businesses
  • Highly accurate location data through in-vehicle GPS
  • Reports and real-time notifications on landmark proximity, long stop durations, excess speeding or idling, or unauthorized vehicle use
  • Proven return on investment through reduction in costs related to maintenance, fuel and downtime
  • 18% improvement in driver compliance (based on March 2007 AberdeenGroup survey), leading to improved safety, better route efficiency and reduced labor costs


@Road GeoManager iLM SMB—A Proven Fleet Management Solution with In-Vehicle Installation

@Road GeoManager iLM SMB (Small/Medium Business) provides a leading fleet management solution that integrates GPS, wireless and Internet technologies into mobile software applications that strengthen a company’s ability to manage its mobile workforce. GeoManager SMB is specifically tailored to offer the set of fleet management tools that is most often required by small to medium businesses.

GeoManager SMB combines the easily installed in-vehicle @Road iLM (Internet Location Manager™) device with @Road online services to deliver vehicle location information and reports to managers and dispatchers. The iLM capabilities of GeoManager operate automatically whenever the vehicle is on, and report daily status messages when the vehicle is off. The in-vehicle installation provides a high degree of accuracy in tracking the vehicle, even when it is used by multiple drivers.

GeoManager SMB works with the @Road iLM 2700 Series hardware.

@Road GeoManager iLM SMB Features and Options

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Location Services

Standard Reports
Premium Reports, including Exception Reports

Workforce Management
Work Flow Status
Organizational Hierarchy

Field Asset Management
Vehicle Maintenance
Sensor Services

Two-Way Communication*
Internet Data Terminal (iDT)
iDT Keyboard

TCP Connect
More Frequent Updates
GPS Data Feed
State Mileage Reports

*May require separate hardware and/or added services to use these features  

System Requirements

@Road GeoManager iLM SMB Datasheet (pdf)

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