Management Team


Kenneth ColbyKenneth Colby
President and General Manager

"Working hand in hand with Trimble, @Road will continue to provide solutions designed to automate the management of mobile resources and to optimize the service delivery process for customers across a variety of industries."

Kenneth Colby is President and General Manager for @Road, a Division of Trimble. In this role, Mr. Colby is responsible for day to day operations of @Road ...more

Thomas BlairThomas Blair
General Manager, Global Enterprise Division
Mr. Blair drives @Road toward new worldwide market opportunities through...more


Thomas ColbyThomas Colby
General Manager, Global Channels Division
Mr. Colby leads @Road channel and partner alliance efforts globally...more


Prakash IyerPrakash Iyer
Sr. Vice President, Products
Mr. Iyer leads product development and product management for @Road...more


Alan ParkAlan Park
General Manager, Americas Division
Mr. Park is responsible for @Road Americas Division direct sales teams. ...more


Ananth SivaAnanth Siva
General Manager, Asia Pacific Division
Mr. Siva provides leadership over the @Road Asia Pacific team and leads expansion efforts in the Asia ...more


Andy YeomanAndy Yeoman
General Manager, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Division
Mr. Yeoman oversees the EMEA business for @Road ...more

Greg Brott
Vice President, Channel Development
Mr. Brott is responsible for overall management of the @Road alliance with wireless carriers. Mr. Brott has more than two decades of experience in...more


Scott Harmon
Senior Vice President of Strategy
and Business Development

Mr. Harmon is responsible for developing and executing the @Road market penetration strategies for ...more


John B. Lankes
Vice President, Global Commercial
Vehicle Markets

Mr. Lankes is responsible for overall management of the @Road alliance with Eaton Corporation. ...more


Eric Verity
Divisional Controller
In his role as Divisional Controller, Eric Verity is responsible for the @Road finance and accounting functions. Mr. Verity has more than 15 years of ...more

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