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TrimbleFS (sound)
With the help of the TrimbleFS handheld field service automation solution, businesses can drive-down operating costs and drive-up technician productivity and levels of customer service. Want to learn more?

@Road Mini Movie  

@Road Mini Movie (sound)
See how @Road can help you effectively manage your mobile workers, their work and your assets. Compare how two different mobile workers go about their day servicing customers.

@Road GeoManager  

@Road GeoManager (no sound)
This demo showcases how the @Road GeoManager(SM) product line helps companies address the challenges of managing their mobile workforces, with the result of improved Mobile Resource Management (MRM), lower operational costs and better customer service.

@Road Pathway Demo  

@Road Pathway (sound)
This demo illustrates how the @Road Pathway(SM) Solution provides a mid-range, on-demand Field Force Management solution that helps you manage your mobile workers, their work and your assets, allowing you to reduce costs and maximize your customers’ satisfaction.

Fuel Savings Demo  

Fuel Savings (sound)
This demo explains the many ways @Road Mobile Resource Management Solutions help a company cut excess fuel use and reduce operating costs through a number of efficiency-enhancing features of its @Road GeoManager(SM) and @Road Pathway(SM) product lines.

British Gas  

@Road Taskforce (sound optional)
This demo shows how Taskforce offers British Gas (commonly known as Centrica) a fully automated, end-to-end dynamic scheduling solution that helps them react effectively to the dynamics of the working day and deliver an improved customer experience. (Note: Taskforce was originally developed under the "Hestia" project name, with BT as an implementation partner.)



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