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@Road Issued Two New Patents

@Road now holds 22 patents with more pending worldwide

FREMONT, Calif. – June 1, 2006 @Road, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARDI), a global provider of next-generation solutions for Mobile Resource Management (MRM), today announced that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently issued the Company two new patents covering innovative MRM technology and services.

The first patent depicts a system and method for “Dynamic server managed profiles for mobile users” while the second U.S. patent granted to @Road covers a system and method for “Playing of audio via voice calls initiated from visual navigation.” @Road can now claim ownership to 22 issued U.S. patents and additional patents and patents pending in jurisdictions around the world.

“We believe these patents represent important additions to our growing intellectual property portfolio,” said Leo Jolicoeur, @Road chief marketing officer. “They also help us reinforce our leadership position in the Mobile Resource Management market and illustrate our ability to develop differentiated MRM solutions that add value to the Company and to our customers.”

@Road’s first newly issued U.S. Patent, No. 7,043,255, covers systems and methods for a data processor to communicate profiles over a network to a mobile communication device, such as a cellular phone or personal digital assistant adapted to receive location information.  The profiles contain parameters which control certain operations of the mobile communication device.

Many companies have deployed multiple mobile communication devices adapted to receive location information. Updating the parameters governing the operation of these devices can be difficult and often requires considerable efforts on the part of individual users.  By permitting profiles to be communicated to multiple mobile communication devices through a network, this invention allows parameters controlling mobile communication devices to be updated with reduced input required from the user.

@Road’s second newly issued U.S. Patent, No. 7,035,620, covers a method of  displaying descriptions of audio content visually on the screen of a telephone handset (such as a cellular phone supporting Internet access, or a personal digital assistant supporting voice telephony) and making that audio content available for playback via voice calls. On selection of visually displayed audio content, the handset places a voice call to a computer that plays the selected audio content to the user. A data connection is used to retrieve description(s) for visual display, but this data connection is not used for retrieval of a file containing the audio content. Instead, a voice call is placed in the normal telephony manner, and the audio content is played by the computer that receives the voice call.

The invention described above eliminates the need for the user to navigate through a set of voice prompts to identify audio content to be played (e.g., as required by an interactive voice response system). Instead, the user can simply use the handset’s display and the related input mechanism (such as touch screen or keypad) to navigate, for example, through a list of hits from a search engine, or through a number of categories and subcategories, to identify audio content. The combination of a conventional visual interface for navigation and a conventional audio interface for serving audio content provides the benefits of both: the ease of navigation provided by web pages and the quality of audio playback provided by the telephone handset.


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@Road, Inc. is a leading global provider of solutions designed to automate the management of mobile resources and to optimize the service delivery process for customers across a variety of industries. @Road delivers Mobile Resource Management solutions in three key areas: Field Force Management, Field Service Management and Field Asset Management. By providing real-time Mobile Resource Management infrastructure integrating wireless communications, location-based technologies, transaction processing and the Internet, @Road solutions are designed to provide a secure, scalable, upgradeable, enterprise-class platform, and are offered in on-demand software delivery, on-premise or hybrid environments that can seamlessly connect mobile workers in the field to real-time corporate data. @Road is headquartered in Fremont, Calif., and has a global presence with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information on @Road solutions, visit

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