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@Road® Introduces the @Road Facilities Management Suite

@Road combines GPS tracking, dynamic routing and electronic cover sheets helping facilities management companies streamline business processes and standardize workflow management

FREMONT, CA – February 01, 2005 – @Road, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARDI), a leading provider of mobile resource management (MRM) services, today announced the launch of the @Road Facilities Management Suite, a comprehensive set of services and features designed to simplify complex routing and improve operational efficiencies for commercial and industrial roll-off lines of business. By eliminating manual routing and data entry activities, @Road helps facilities management companies reduce hours per haul, increase the number of container swaps and standardize overall business processes.

“Executives in the facilities management industry have told us that standardizing business processes and reducing route costs are key to improving productivity and profitability,” said Leo Jolicoeur, @Road chief marketing officer. “@Road services are currently used by many of the leading facilities management companies. We believe that the @Road Facilities Management Suite combines the industry-specific applications that will help facilities management companies of any size standardize business processes, reduce route costs and increase the number of jobs done per day.”

Features and benefits in the @Road Facilities Management Suite include:

  • @Road GeoManagersm Combines GPS, wireless communications and internet technologies to provide a hosted, web-based mobile resource management solution. Includes FieldServices reports and two-way messaging and forms.
  • Dynamic routing and scheduling Designed for industrial roll-off lines of business to provide dynamic dispatching capabilities to improve route optimization, increase the number of jobs done per day and efficiently schedule and dispatch unplanned jobs as they arise.\
  • Route Compliance Analyzes compliance and productivity with powerful, interactive reporting tools that measure planned vs. actual schedules, on-time routes, unmatched locations, daily line-up planning, driver route sheets, route density, daily Gantt charts, and proof of service.
  • Electronic Cover Sheet Daily generated barcoded route sheets for industrial roll-off and commercial lines of business based on computer analysis of job tickets, route and employee schedules, facilities, and vehicle and container types.
  • Barcode Wand Messaging and automated forms provide instant access to critical information between drivers and dispatchers. Automatically updates each driver’s location and speed, to dynamically dispatch the closest driver to a customer.
  • Two Way Communication Automatically captures and transmits proof of pick-up information and eliminates paperwork, reduces reporting errors and streamlines payroll and billing cycles. Drivers can perform additional code scans for on-route data collection to record obstacles such as locked gates, debris blockage, or unexpected snow and ice conditions.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics (J1708/OBDII) Monitors vehicle diagnostics and sends email alerts to dispatchers based on driver behavior and vehicle performance. Diagnostic reports are used to help lower overall maintenance costs.

Starting at a base price of $39.95 per month for the @Road GeoManager Service, customers subscribing to the @Road Facilities Management Suite can choose from the above menu of value-added services to tailor the base offering to their unique business needs.


About @Road

@Road, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARDI) is a leading provider of mobile resource management (MRM) services, a rapidly growing category of productivity solutions integrating wireless communications, location technologies, hosted software applications, transaction processing and the Internet to help companies better manage mobile workers. Any size organization, in any industry or public sector, in which improving the productivity of mobile workers has an impact on revenue, expenses, customer service, and competitive advantage, will benefit from @Road MRM services. Because @Road offers MRM services on a hosted basis, customers avoid expensive and complex software and IT infrastructure investments. Since @Road delivers services on a subscription basis, customers can experience a rapid and measurable return-on-investment.

@Road delivers its MRM services to approximately 131,000 mobile workers in North America every day. The company has headquarters in Fremont , CA and secure networked data centers on both U.S. coasts. For more information, visit the @Road Web site at



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