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@Road Intellectual Property Portfolio Grows with the Two Recently Issued U.S. Patents

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues @Road patents for mobile-to-mobile device location capability, and a system and method for determining vehicle traffic and route conditions

FREMONT, CA – April 19, 2005 – @Road, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARDI), a global provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions, announced that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently issued the Company two new patents centered around location-based technology and services. The first depicts a method for “Using location data to determine traffic and route information.” The second illustrates a “Method and system for a plurality of mobile units to locate one another.” @Road now claims ownership to 15 issued patents, with additional patents pending in jurisdictions around the world.

"These patents underscore the strength of our intellectual property portfolio made possible through our vigorous research and development initiatives," said Leo Jolicoeur, @Road chief marketing officer and senior vice president. "Through our efforts, we expect the issuance of additional patents that can protect our innovations and broaden our base of offerings in proprietary MRM solutions.

“Also as part of our ongoing strategy, we will continue to aggressively pursue intellectual property rights based on technology and systems that enable businesses and other organizations to optimize field force productivity and the service delivery process," Jolicoeur added.

In U.S. Patent No. 6,862,524, @Road describes a proprietary method for determining and disseminating current traffic information and route information. For example, a traffic data compilation computer linked to a data network collects location data from a plurality of mobile units, each of which is associated with an identification number. The computer compiles the location data, calculates the velocity of each mobile unit against speed limit data in the computer’s memory, and stores the difference. Based on the difference, the traffic data compilation computer determines traffic conditions surrounding each of the mobile units.

Upon receiving a request for traffic information from a user, the traffic data compilation computer retrieves traffic data pertaining to a desired geographic area and transmits a traffic level indicator to the user via a visual or audio interface device coupled to a person’s or vehicle’s mobile unit. Additionally, the traffic data compilation computer may examine and provide alternative routes, as well as determine the fastest route between two points under current traffic conditions.

The patent also describes the process of how a mobile device tethered to a vehicle can be monitored to determine if it follows a prescribed route or violates pre-programmed “rules” by entering a prohibited area or section of road.  For example, in the case of a vehicle transporting hazardous materials, the mobile device transmits location information to a server via a wireless network. The location server may be programmed with rules that specify notifying a designated party or appropriate authorities of a route violation based on the vehicle’s location. Directions or a map for exiting the prohibited area can also be provided to the vehicle’s driver.

In the second newly issued U.S. Patent, No. 6,867,733, @Road describes a method and system for enabling two mobile units to locate each other. When a user connects an interface device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), a wireless phone, laptop computer, or pager, to a mobile unit, the mobile unit can regularly obtain its location through a location-determining technology using GPS and send the unit’s location to a data center. The data center then stores and forwards the location information to each of the mobile units on a given wireless communication or data network. A user of a mobile unit can then send messages directly to other users with a location stamp that indicates the location of the message sender’s mobile unit. A user of a mobile unit can also send a request to be notified when a target mobile unit reaches a specific location, such as a landmark or address.

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