Addressing the Challenges of Mobile Computing

Mobile workers comprise one of the largest segments in the workforce. Businesses today face many challenges associated with managing a mobile workforce, including workforce or asset scheduling and managing customers’ expectations, delivering and receiving real-time communications, optimizing the routing of mobile personnel to maximize their effectiveness in the field, keeping tabs on mobile assets, timely scheduling of asset maintenance, and much more.

Beyond these issues, there exist further challenges related to mobile device distribution and connectivity as well as access to corporate back-office applications, such as enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management systems.

@Road applications and solutions enable you to stay connected to your mobile workforce by leveraging leading wireless, GPS, and Internet technologies. The result is improved productivity, increased revenues, better metrics for managing your business, and improved customer service.

@Road comprises a hosted, modular and integrated, turnkey solution that gives you the ability to provision just those features and functionality you need. @Road gives you the ability to add feature components as your business needs change. You simply sign in to the @Road Web site, www.road.com to manage your employees, assets, products and services, and communications with your mobile workers.

The @Road model incorporates four elements to create the most effective mobile resource management solution: Data Capture, Data Transport, Applications and Data Processing, and Applications and Data Integration.

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