Data Transport

Transmitting data is a complex business. Especially mobile data traveling across multiple wireless communications networks and positioning systems.

Consider the complexity of managing data transmission over legacy protocols like CDPD and SMS amidst the flood of new technologies, such as CDMA and GPRS. And consider that each wireless carrier offers a unique implementation of each protocol, and system for dealing with Internet addresses. In addition, an effective data transmission system must address the issue of coverage gaps.

@Road solutions work seamlessly with a variety of positioning systems and wireless communications networks. To supply the connectivity critical to intelligent wireless solutions, the @Road infrastructure leverages the technology of major wireless carriers, including AT&T, Nextel, CingularSM Wireless, Sprint, and Verizon.

Highly available, reliable, and scalable, the @Road wide-area network offers robust performance and global coverage capabilities. Patented LocationSmartSM technology transparently stores location information during gaps in GPS coverage and forwards that information on to @Road servers once coverage is re-established.

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